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business & private events, cadaqués

“Who in the world am I? Ah, THAT’S the great puzzle!”
Lewis Carroll, Alice in wonderland

It’s been seven years of adventures, chasing after White Rabbit wherever it takes us.  We take great pride in doing our job well and transmitting our own aesthetic vision of things without being too influenced by fashions and trends.

They also like our work and we have been published in the following blogs and magazines:

SÒNIA FERNÁNDEZ (Barcelona, 1972)

Never imagined that he would end up organizing weddings, as well as so many other things that have happened over the years. A specialist in marketing and Business Development, Sonia (MBA), has over 25 years of experience in marketing and communications in different business sectors. She has lived in Cadaqués for more than 14 years where she has continued her business career, working in both nautical and catering management. She has been the owner of a fashion and decoration shop for the last 10 years (mo cadaqués lifestyle).

tags: organized, responsible, proactive, positive, creative, autodidactic, energetic, multidisciplinary.
keywords: sea, cadaqués, philosophy, rock&roll, cinema, science, architecture, gastronomy, literature.

MARÍA MARFULL (Ávila, 1988)

With a degree in Biology and a Masters in Aquaculture and Fisheries, she arrived in Cadaqués because of love and was so charmed by the place that she decided to stay. She has lived here for more than 5 years.. Maria has passed from looking after sharks in Almeria to becoming our person in charge of the area of decor and flowers in White Rabbit. She is the girl who knows how to do everything, she sews, paints, draws and creates all the things that are necessary for our events. Sometimes when Maria is working with the flowers, she talks very strangely… she says things like ranunculus, gypsophyla vulgaris…

tags: Maria-of-all-trades, creative, multidisciplinary, neat, organized.
keywords: photography, handmade, nature, sea, animals, good food.

VICTORIA GEBARA  (Buenos Aires, 1982)

Victoria has had close contact with the world of photography and images for over ten years.  She studied Communication Sciences and Cinematography.  She has worked alongside photographers and creative managers in advertising agencies.  She has also worked in art direction for cinema and graphic art and she became very interested in production, where she feels at her best.  She loves living life to the full, with enthusiasm, dedication and joy.  She has been living in Cadaqués for the last eight years.  She is a mother and now collaborates in art projects, interiors, gastronomy and production in general.

tags: Cheerful, enthusiastic, dynamic, participative, dedicated.
keywords: Images, design, cinema, museums, art, culture, photography.

SILVIA VANCELLS (Badalona, 1974)

When Silvia was a little girl, she used to make crèpes for her friends and then invite them round to her house to eat them!   She has, therefore, been organizing events for almost the last forty years.  She studied Hotel Management and since then she has always worked in the world of gastronomy.  Although she doesn’t live in Cadaqués, she arrived here before she was born!  Cadaqués is her refuge and her destiny.

tags: organized, responsible, fair.
keywords: Cadaqués, sea, travel, people, gastronomy