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“- But I don’t want to go among mad people, – Alice remarked.
– Oh, you can’t help that, – said the Cat – we’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad.
– How do you know I’m mad? – said Alice.
– You must be, – said the Cat – or you wouldn’t have come here.”

Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

Cadaqués, the place where inspiration comes from

“Some people think of Cadaqués as one of the nicest places on the Mediterranean, but their discretion and shyness prevents them from talking about it. Other people don’t care about being discreet and simply state everywhere they can that Cadaqués is the nicest village on earth. Salvador Dalí is one of them…”

This is the beginning of “Cadaqués” one of the most revealing books by Josep Pla, the famous Catalan writer. With these words he tries to communicate the almost undescribable feeling everyone experiences when visiting Cadaqués.


Cadaqués is a typical mediterranean village that is strategically isolated from everywere by mountains and a winding road. It is located on the northeastern edge of the Iberian peninsula and, therefore, its inhabitants are the first to receive the sunlight every morning.

The only access by land is a sinuous road known locally as “the curves”, surrounded by olive groves which make the visitors think they are reaching the end of the world. A place you can only dream of, a little village still authentic, surrounded by green mountains and the blue infinity of the sea.

“Even though we love, live and work mainly in Cadaqués, we also go to other beautiful places if you require our collaboration.”


In that same book by Josep Pla, the author explains that not so long ago… “Cadaqués only had one door, the sea. Everything arrived there by sea – the sorrows and glories, the lamentations and all the good things in life. Cadaqués is an island. Its story and personality can only be understood by considering this piece of land as an island.” This is the why Cadaqués has such strong charisma, and an authentic and cosmopolitan attitude. Its inhabitants have always been travellers and sailors.

Cadaqués impresses everyone. There is not a single visitor who doesn’t feel moved by its natural charm. A land of contrast with a special magic that calms the soul. A place to let yourself go to the beat of time.


Cadaqués is a touristic cultural spot, very well known all over the world. It is famous for many reasons. One being the fact that Salvador Dalí lived almost all of his life there, together with other artists who were also fascinated by its magic and decided to spend time there.

Culture, cuisine, wines… are all an important part of this land of sailors, artists and pirates. Artists from all around the globe found and still find home in Cadaques, the town with more art galleries per head in the world, more than 40 galleries and artists workshops are part of our peculiar landscape.


Cadaqués has been the home of artists and a source of inspiration for many such as Albert Einstein, Salvador Dalí, Pablo Picasso,Federico García Lorca, Marcel Duchamp, Richard Hamilton, Thomas Mann, René Magritte, Josep Pla, André Breton, Luis Buñuel among many others who have lived in this very special spot.

Its wild rocks, ferocious winds, bright ever-changing light and the intense energy make this little village a unique place. Time here is flexible, and magic is just something daily.

Anything can happen in Cadaqués.


  • 000 minutes from the end of the world
  • 015 minutes walking from Dalí’s house/museum (Portlligat)
  • 040 minutes by car from the Dalí Museum in Figueres
  • 045 minutes by car from the Golf Course in Perelada
  • 045 minutes by car from the Casino Perelada
  • 045 minutes from Figueras train station
  • 075 minutes by car from Girona airport
  • 090 minutes by car from Barcelona
  • 120 minutes by car from Barcelona airport