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business & private events, cadaqués

“Alice: How long is forever?
White Rabbit: Sometimes, just one second.”

Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

There are moments when everything seems to fall into place and when only a second can last a lifetime. A very special moment. The ideal location. The perfect occasion, where nothing is lacking or overdone. The very essence of your dream. A memory never to be forgotten.

In White Rabbit we create intimate weddings which are authentic, original, emotional and, above all, unique. We mainly work in the Ampurdan and Cadaqués, a magical area where the breathtaking scenery and the exceptional Catalan gastronomy form an essential role.

We, the professionals who form part of White Rabbit will strive to design and organize the most important celebration of your lives. We believe in the charm of handmade articles and we are specialists in Mediterranean weddings, with all the beauty, simplicity and authenticity of a summer’s day. Every single detail in our weddings has been created with love and care to guarantee that on the chosen day your only worry is to be happy and carefree.

With the guarantee of our professional experience (more than twenty years) and with our dedication, energy, creativity and a special aesthetic touch, we will bring off the event that you are already imagining.

Because there is nothing like seeing a happy couple, we want to meet you.

White Rabbit has a very special relationship with flowers and creates totally innovative floral designs which are tailor made for each and every couple.  We understand that you are unique, and for us, so too are your flowers!

All the work is done by hand personally by us with loving care. Everything,  from the special design to the selection of flowers, creating  table centres, bouquets, button-holes, crowns, garlands, arches and more – everything you could possibly think of.

We like to work with natural products and materials.  We prefer to use autochthonous species and flowers which are in season, helping to contribute to the development of local market gardeners.  We also have at our disposal flowers from Holland,  where we import all sorts of different types of flowers. There will never be another wedding like yours!.

We just love flowers and on the day of your wedding we will create a small work of art for you and your guests.

What we do

  • An analysis of our client’s needs and the drawing up of an estimate.
  • Locating a suitable venue for the event, technical visits
  • Co-ordination and negotiation with the chosen suppliers (caterers, photographers, musicians etc.).
  • Organization, planning and overall co-ordination.
  • The planning and general timing of the ceremony and reception.
  • Decoration and floral design (personally made and organized by us).
  • Design and printing of the necessary graphic material (save the date, invitations, sitting arrangements etc.)
  • Stylist (personal shopper for dresses, jewellery etc.)
  • Hiring materials and/or extra services.
  • Design and production of details for the guests.
  • Preparation and co-ordination of activities beyond the actual wedding (weekend wedding etc.)
  • Reducing the bride and bridegroom’s stress – we can assure you that your only worry is to enjoy yourselves and live happily ever after.