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Mediterranean Airs

This inspiring editorial is thanks to great friends and professionals all of whom wanted to convey their own, personal vision of the authentic ‘Mediterranean Bride‘.  We all live and work here in the Mediterranean and wanted to convey that it is not only bathed in blues and whites but, in Port Lligat, Cadaqués, the air is bathed in olive green hues from the olive groves and varying tones of slate grey from the dry stone walls, all of which turn golden at sunset.

Our natural bride blends into the unique, rugged surroundings.  Cadaqués has always been an inspiration to all artists.  Its most famous surrealist neighbour, Salvador Dali transformed Port Lligat into his home and his source of inspiration.  His island.

The wilderness of this place, its rocks, the force of its wind, its everchanging white light and very powerful energy,  all combine to make it one of the most unique corners in the world. Below this magical light which can only be found in Cadaqués, the delicate textiles like the muslins,  embroideries and silks all contrast with the rustic alpargatas.  A perfect combination totally in keeping with the surroundings.

The marvellous dresses are thanks to: Cristina Tamborero, Mes Demoiselles Paris, Rime Arodaky, Cortana, Isabel Zapardiez, Otaduy, Olga Macià, l’Arca de l’Àvia.